St. Mary’s School offers both a 3 year-old and a 4 year-old pre-school programme.  Children are engaged in fun activities that help them learn to socialize, learn about themselves, about God and others. Our Preschool teachers have created a warm, inviting, caring, environment for the children to blossom in. Coming over to the school library, once a week, helps them feel that they really belong to the school.

The 3-yr. old program runs Tuesday and Thursday mornings
The 4 yr. old program runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings

May 2016

It’s  May!  This month will be filled with fun activities and many signs of Spring.  We will celebrate Mother’s Day, take part in the school Walk-a-thon and attend our last field trip of the school year to Birchwood Dairy.

Themes for the Month:
Mother’s Day

Dates to Remember
May 5th and 6th    Mother’s Day Tea at 9:15 am
May 11th                 Class photos
May 20th                 Walk-a-thon
May 23rd                 Victoria Day (No School)
May 25th                 Birchwood Dairy Field Trip

Mother’s Day Tea Party:
We will be celebrating our preschool moms on May 5th for the 3 year old class and May 6th for the 4 year old class.  Moms and their preschooler are welcome to join us at 9:15 am, as this is not a regular school day (no siblings please).  Bring your favorite tea cup with you to enjoy some tea.
The school walk-a-thon will take place Friday, May 20th.  Trail begins at the south end of Lickman road.  This is where you will need to park your car. The children are asked to meet at the school at 9am. We will hand out the t shirts at this time. There will be a short assembly in the gym and then the school children will start getting on the school buses.  Preschool children and their families will have to drive to the starting point.  All pledge sheets and money must be returned to the school by Monday, May 27th.  A map of the route and more details will be sent home closer to the walkathon date.
Field trip to Birchwood Dairy
On Wednesday, May 25th the preschool will be going on a field trip to Birchwood Dairy.  Please meet us in front of the school by 9 am sharp in order to take the school bus.  The address is 1154 Fadden Rd in Abbotsford.  We will be going on a tour of the farm.  The children will learn all about farms, milking cows, visiting calves and much more.  The children will also receive an ice cream cone at the end of the field trip.  The cost is $6.25 per child.  

Progress Report for the 4 year old class
During the month of May, the teachers will be starting a small assessment on each child.  It is to give parents an idea on where your child is at in regards to Kindergarten readiness.  We will work on fine/gross motor activities as well as phonics, numbers and much more. They will receive their report on the last day of school.

Preschool Graduation
Parents of the 4 year old class…save the date!  Preschool graduation will take place on Thursday, June 23rd at 6 pm in the school gym.
Cooking with Chef Sian
Are you interested in learning how to cook something special!  Join Chef Sian on June 9th at 6pm in the gym kitchen.  The cost is $35.00/person and pre-registration is required.  On the menu this month is Thai Noodle and Napa cabbage salad with smoked duck breast.

May Show and Tell
3 Year Old Class                                 4 Year old Class
May 3     Halle                                          May 2    Stomexten
May 10   Karina                                       May 4    T.J
May 12   Myla                                          May 9    Zephyr
May 17   Melody                                      May 11  Sophia
May 19   Samantha                                 May 13  Aidan
May 24   Anastasia                                 May 16  Alexis
May 26   April                                         May 18  Alessia
May 31   Annelise                                   May 27  Annika
May 30 Ashlee