PFG (Parent Association)

St. Mary’s Parent Association (PFG)  is a sub-committee of  St. Mary’s Parish Education Committee (PEC).

Who can join the Parent Association ?  There is no need to “join”!  Each and every parent, guardian, and grandparent in the school is an automatic member of our Parent Association.   We meet once a month, usually the first Monday of the month (consult the monthly school calendar for date).  Not only does your attendance at these meetings count toward parent participation hours, but it is an opportunity to meet other parents in the school and, in working together, we can make St. Mary’s the best school it can be!!

Our Parent Association is very active at the school, providing support for students, parents and teachers.  Through fundraising carried out by parent volunteers, we are able to provide additional support to school activities and supplement materials and activities in the classroom; our playground is almost complete and we continue to upgrade technology in the classrooms.

We would like to have at least two people from each class attend these meetings as “class reps”.  The class reps will help coordinate the talents of our many parent volunteers to achieve the maximum benefit for the students and the school.   Whatever we accomplish is for the good of the school and the success of each student.

Come, be involved in our wonderful school!  We look forward to seeing you at our next Parent Association meeting:
January 8th at 7 pm  in the staff room

Note:  70th Anniversary Planning Meeting will be held on January 17th, 2018 at 7 pm in the staff room.