St. Mary’s School Philosophy

St. Mary’s School exists to assist parents in their obligation as the primary educators of their children.

  • We consider each person a uniquely created person both earthbound and God-destined simultaneously.
  • We try to challenge all children to reach their highest level of performance without subjecting them to undue pressure, regardless of the program they are following and the rate at which they learn.
  • We strive to create a learning environment which nurtures an appreciation of education, Christian behaviour among students, a respectful attitude towards peers, and school authorities, and a respect for all property.
  • Our school is a community of faith where prayer, love of God, appreciation of the Scriptures, and a deep level of caring is instilled throughout our parish relationships among priests, teachers, students and parents.
  • In this mandate we hope to grow to our full potential as Christian men and women and develop our ability to serve God, our country and one another.